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ตั้งความถี่ MT1000

CH ความถี่ อธิบาย Power
1 144.725 ศรีสะเกษ H
2 144.9375 E20AE,RAST L
3 145.7125 Repeater SSK H
4 144.900 แจ้งเหตุ H
5 145.000 ช่องเรียกขาน H
6 145.7750 Echolink SSK L
7 144.625 ศรีสะเกษ-กล้วยไม้ H
8 144.850 ศรีสะเกษ850 H
9 147.000 ศรีสะเกษ7 H
10 162.800 อพปร. H
11 152.850 โพธิ์ทอง H
12 144.425 SSTV L

คู่มือฝรั่ง Wheel Gravity Generator

Note: If you are not at all familiar with basic electronics, you might find it easier to follow parts of this chapter if you read chapter 12 first.

It is generally not realised that excess energy can be obtained from pulsing a flywheel or other gravitational device.

This fact has recently been stressed by Lawrence Tseung who refers to the extra energy obtained in this way as being “Lead-out” energy.   This gravitational feature has been part of university Engineering courses for decades, where it has been taught that the loading stress on a bridge caused by a load rolling across the bridge is far less than the stress caused if that same load were suddenly dropped on to the bridge. Continue reading คู่มือฝรั่ง Wheel Gravity Generator

Wind Generator


ความรู้กังหันลม อ.บรรจง

Enable SSL for apache server in 5 minutes

This post describe how to quickly enable SSL for apache web server under linux. This has been done on a clouded virtual machine, the Linux distribution is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server, the one provided by Amazon Aws or Microsoft Azure. This procedure may not work or may differ on older or different distribution.

What need to be in place ?

You need to already have apache server running on http port 80 (or whatever) and when you try to go to your website for example you should have the well know page

It works!

This is the default web page for this server.

The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.

Once this is ok, just go to your server with ssh

What do to ?

Ok let’s start where we will put the certificates (in /etc/apache2/ssl)

now we generate the certicates, for 3 years (1095 days) under the folder we created above.

that will show the following, and ask you some questions.

The most important, is the Common Name, it should match the internet name FQDN (here

Now we install the SSL mod for apache, this instruction pre configure the file /etc/apache2/ports.conf with some line and the important one that say Listen 443

We put the default-ssl site available creating a symbolic link

Now we edit the file default-ssl (or default-ssl.conf for new version) we have just enabled

Edit October 2014 : on new apache2 version, configuration files need to have .conf extension, so in this case the two previous commands are now :

End of Edit

and we change the two lines relative to SSLCertificate as follow :

Now restart apache server

now you can go with your favorite browser, in my example, the browser will warn you because it is a self signed certificate, but if you accept it you will now have the same famous “It works!” but with encryption. To avoid warning by browser, you can add the certificate to Trusted Root Certificate Authority of your computer. The procedure to to this depends on browser and operating system, so google is your friend.

Now it is safe that you force SSL encryption on each page that require authentication.

For example, for WordPress, add the following two lines (just after the other existing define lines in the file wp-config.php (located in wordpress installation dir)

This will force each login to use SSL and all admin site to use SSL

You can do the same for phpmyadmin adding to the file /etc/phpmyadmin/


Continue reading Enable SSL for apache server in 5 minutes

ข้อมูลเว็บ เรื่องพลังงาน

Continue reading ข้อมูลเว็บ เรื่องพลังงาน

เปรียบเทียบความคุ้มค่าในการขุด BitCoin

มอเตอร์สำหรับทำกันหันลม DirectDrive


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