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Edited for eQSO, from an article by Peter, G4KQU, with his kind permission.

An interface unit allows one to transmit and receive digital modes using a computer sound card. Conveniently, the interfaces below were designed to operate without an external power supply, so before rushing out and spending a fortune on a commercial interface […]

Sound Card Packet Interface ver2

New and Improved Sound Card Packet Interface ver2 now with CW and tested with PSK31, and APRS by KD5ZUG

Most of the digital communications used in the amateur bands use some form of tone translation. One tone will represent a high and another tone will represent a low, and by shifting between tones […]


Many of you have heard some of us talking about packet radio. For the “OM’s” they may think “That’s so old, and I tought packet died!” Well, not really. Sure there is other stuff out there that is “better?”, but, packet radio is getting a good makeover, and is a great “last mile” messaging system. […]

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