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ปัญหา Access Denied บน Samba (CentOS 6)

Hi CentOS comm,

What is the possible problem on my secured samba share folder? When I tried to access the folder using created user “user1” I got access denied response. I know I typed in the correct password.

[root@localhost demo]# useradd user1 [root@localhost demo]# groupadd group1 [root@localhost demo]# usermod -a -G group1 user1 [root@localhost demo]# […]


Synchronizing folders with rsync

In this post I cover the basics of rsync, in preparation for a subsequent post that will cover backups and it’s use in conjunction with cronjobs to automatize the backup process. From the copying and synchronization of local files and folders, to it’s use for transfer information among computers. Its […]

Enable SSL for apache server in 5 minutes

This post describe how to quickly enable SSL for apache web server under linux. This has been done on a clouded virtual machine, the Linux distribution is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server, the one provided by Amazon Aws or Microsoft Azure. This procedure may not work or may differ on older or different distribution.

What […]

การแก้ไขปัญหา login mysql บน raspberry pi ไม่ได้

ปัญหาคือ MySQL ยอมให้ login ด้วย user root แต่หาก login linux ด้วย user อื่น .. จะไม่สามารถเข้าใช้ mysql ได้ .. แนวทางคือ กำหนดให้ mysql:root สามารถ login ได้จากทุกที่ใน localhost


How to install a web server on the Raspberry Pi (Apache + PHP + MySQL) Mis à jour le 9 April 2018 – 9 Commentaires – Command line, Installation, […]

แก้ปัญหา ssh refuse

ทำ Bonding บน RHEL6/CentOS

NIC Bonding in RHEL6 Solution Red Hat Enterprise Linux allows administrators to bind multiple network interfaces together into a single channel using the bonding kernel module and a special network interface called a channel bonding interface. Channel bonding enables two or more network interfaces to act as one, simultaneously increasing the bandwidth and providing redundancy. […]

วิธีการ copy ด้วย tar บน linux


You want to create a tar file away from the place the files you need to tar reside?

There are many ways to do this.

If it is to be created locally (= on the same machine) :

tar czvf /path/to/destination/newfile.tar.gz ./SOURCEDIR_OR_FILES

You can add additionnal files or directories to tar at the end […]

Linux Force fsck on the Next Reboot or Boot Sequence

Force fsck on boot using /forcefsck

By creating /forcefsck file you will force the Linux system (or rc scripts) to perform a full file system check.

Login as the root: $ su – Change directory to root (/) directory: # cd / Create a file called forcefsck: # touch /forcefsck Now reboot the system: […]

เปลี่ยน logo ตอน boot linux

ก่อน compile kernel ให้เปลี่ยน file logo ด้วย file ของเราก่อน

> pngtopnm your_logo.png | ppmquant -mapfile /usr/src/linux/drivers/video/logo/clut_vga16.ppm | pnmtoplainpnm > logo_linux_vga16.ppm

> cp logo_linux_vga16.ppm /usr/src/linux/drivers/video/logo/

> pngtopnm your_logo.png | ppmquant -fs 223| pnmtoplainpnm > logo_linux_clut224.ppm

> cp logo_linux_clut224.ppm /usr/src/linux/drivers/video/logo/

เสร็จแล้ว make menuconfig เพื่อเลือกให้แสดง logo ขณะ boot

[device driver] –> [graphic support]

[*] Bootup logo


ที่มา: […]

ติดตั้ง SSL บน Apache

ตัวอย่าง config เพื่อติดตั้ง SSL บน Apache

<VirtualHost *:443> DocumentRoot “/home/myweb” ServerName ErrorLog logs/ CustomLog logs/ common <Directory “/home/myweb”> allow from all Options Indexes FollowSymLinks AllowOverride All </Directory> SSLEngine On SSLCertificateFile /etc/httpd/conf/ssl/ SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/httpd/conf/ssl/myweb.key <Location /> SSLRequireSSL On SSLVerifyClient optional SSLVerifyDepth 1 SSLOptions +StdEnvVars +StrictRequire </Location> </VirtualHost>

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