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เว็บฐานข้อมูลการ Hack Web

รายงานปัญหาด้านความปลอดภัยของ Maxsite


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ตัวอย่างสาธิต hack maxsite



Recovery QNAP

Manufacturer recovery method is descibed here.

Recovery method described by Martin Michlmayr and adjusted by me for TS-419P+ is following:

Recovery mode

The QNAP TS-419P+ have a recovery mode that can be used when there is a problem with your installation of OpenWrt that renders your device unbootable. The system recovery mode allows you write […]

Flash QNAP TS-419P+

Update #3: Just received a response from QNAP support. Here’s what they suggest:

1. Power off the NAS. Remove the HDD

2. Power on the NAS without any disk attached

3. After a short beep and a long beep,Run QNAP Finder, it will find the NAS. Note: Do not re-initialize when the QNAP Finder prompt […]

Home IDC

NAS freeware

Bookmark 20130728






แอร์มือสอง (www.ซีทีแอร์มือสอง.com)




LAN Card for Server

ติดตั้ง roundcube webmail ใน DirectAdmin

# cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts

# wget -O

# chmod 755

# ./


Go to /etc/httpd/conf/extra/httpd-alias.conf

Find rule: “Alias /webmail “/var/www/html/webmail/”

Change to: “Alias /webmail “/var/www/html/roundcube/”

การทำ re-stream IP Camera ด้วย wowza Restreaming-RTSP-live-streams-through-Wowza

การเรียกดูข้อมูลจาก Access Point

Deliberant (เข้าดูยังไม่ได้)


EnGenius (ต้องทำ process login ก่อน)

push cars for 1 year old