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BUXCOMM 1606T2FD-1400

Building the Balanced Termination Folded Dipole, (BUXCOMM 1606T2FD-1400)

By Glynn E “Buck” Rogers K4ABT These documents are free to Amateur Radio Operator’s and Not-for-Profit organizations. Permission to display elsewhere requires permission of the author(s) and a permit number; Permit number request to display document (include file title). All credits and titles must remain a part […]

Broadband Multi-Wire ANTENNA BARRETT


This antenna consists of three wires connected at the both ends. In the middle of the central wire there is 50W 1250 Ohm resistor. External wires are cut in the middle, attached to isolators and feed through the balun.

Balun is wired on a ring shape ferrite core […]

HF Broadband Antenna

Broadband Antennas:

Diagram above: Broadband VertaLoop as described in this article. Wire loop supported by trees, Diamond BB7V Vertical Element with feedpoint resistive matching unit, “ground” radial wire, metal support pole, coaxial cable, ferrite feedline choke clamps, and grounding points.

Concepts and Construction of the Broadband VertaLoop Antenna Design and Installation Notes by […]

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