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ปัญหา Access Denied บน Samba (CentOS 6)

Hi CentOS comm,

What is the possible problem on my secured samba share folder? When I tried to access the folder using created user “user1” I got access denied response. I know I typed in the correct password.

[root@localhost demo]# useradd user1 [root@localhost demo]# groupadd group1 [root@localhost demo]# usermod -a -G group1 user1 [root@localhost demo]# […]


Synchronizing folders with rsync

In this post I cover the basics of rsync, in preparation for a subsequent post that will cover backups and it’s use in conjunction with cronjobs to automatize the backup process. From the copying and synchronization of local files and folders, to it’s use for transfer information among computers. Its […]

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